Riders Share Review: Rent Your Motorcycles Out to earn Passive Income

TL;DR: You aren’t gonna get rich but this is a way to profit from your habit of buying older motorcycles you lusted after in your youth, as long as you’re willing to do basic maintenance.

Probably not a good idea to rent out your Panigale V4. But if you do list it, let me know!
  • What motorcycles to rent out for maximum profit
  • How insurance works for both you and the rider
  • What skills you’ll need — it’ll be better if you do your own maintenance
  • Tips on pricing so people will rent out your motorcycles as often as possible
  • Tips on getting the most out of your rentals (like what gear to have on hand)
  • Why it’s OK to let people take your bike out. The Riders Share community is awesome :)
  • Why Riders Share is better than just renting out privately

I write about intense language learning, skill development, and intentional culture shock at discoverdiscomfort.com

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