Riders Share Review: Rent Your Motorcycles Out to earn Passive Income

TL;DR: You aren’t gonna get rich but this is a way to profit from your habit of buying older motorcycles you lusted after in your youth, as long as you’re willing to do basic maintenance.

Probably not a good idea to rent out your Panigale V4. But if you do list it, let me know!

This is my review of Riders Share, a motorcycle sharing platform that lets you rent out your motorcycle for passive income. (Well… somewhat passive.)

In summary, I really enjoyed my time with Riders Share. In a few months, I made back the value of my vehicle — which wasn’t expensive, but was priced low, and was quite popular as a result.

If you’re wondering whether you can make money or whether someone will trash your bike — stop worrying. Sign up to Riders Share. You’ll have a blast!

I’ve moved this post on earning passive income by renting out motorcycles to my personal blog.

Go have a look to find out:

  • The business case for renting out motorcycles: How to justify buying that second (or sixth) motorcycle
  • What motorcycles to rent out for maximum profit
  • How insurance works for both you and the rider
  • What skills you’ll need — it’ll be better if you do your own maintenance
  • Tips on pricing so people will rent out your motorcycles as often as possible
  • Tips on getting the most out of your rentals (like what gear to have on hand)
  • Why it’s OK to let people take your bike out. The Riders Share community is awesome :)
  • Why Riders Share is better than just renting out privately

If you want to read more, the link to the full post is here. Enjoy, and let me know if you have questions.

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